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Wendaful Wednesday’s :

Welcome to Wendaful Wednesday’s, on Wednesday of each week I will be reviewing a product that I find very unique and a must have to everyone.  I will be rotating each week between a Scrapbooking item and a Quilting item, and of course all of these items will be available in the shop.  Just click the link and checkout.

Up first is a great quilting product that I just recently came across, actually my mother told me about it, and you know that you should always listen to your mom.  Anyway, this is a great product that you will all want as soon as you see what it can do.

The TruCut System from Grace Company

If you are anything like me you are decent at cutting (but I am not especially fond of it) but when I cut a full length of fabric I usually have the top of my ruler move to the side when I am cutting or I have trouble with the rotary cutter having a mind of its own and it strays away from the ruler.  Then I have to  square up the fabric again and waste a little of the fabric and try again.  Well this product solves that problem because the ruler had a track on the side that matches the track on the rotary cutter.  These lock together so there is no ruler straying from the cutter.  You can use the rotary cutter without the ruler track system but why would you when they work so well together.  We have been using this system in the shop since we opened in February and I am really impresses with it.  It is really easy to use and it works like a charm.  I highly recommend this product.  See the video below on how this tool works.  You won’t be sorry.  It also has grips you can get for the bottom that keep the ruler from sliding and these work really well too.

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