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Jun 6 2018

We saw this product at CHA in January and I thought it was really cool.  There have been lots of different methods over the years on how to make bows: hand tying, fork method, different templates.  But all of them are almost as hard to remember how to[…]

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May 31 2018

Welcome to Wendaful Wednesday’s, on Wednesday of each week I will be reviewing a product that I find very unique and a must have to everyone.  I will be rotating each week between a Scrapbooking item and a Quilting item, and of course all of these items will[…]

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May 8 2018

New on the farm this week is “Babies” lots of babies.  Baby alpacas, a donkey, geese, and ducks.  One of the ducks got sick lasting night so we were up all night making sure he was alright.  I think he will pull through.  The baby geese have had[…]

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