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2019 Card Swap Details


Anyone can join our card swap.  To join just sign up through the shop.  Below is the outline of how to participate.

Every month you can send up to the number of cards on the list.  So if there are 10 people signed up for the swap you can make 10 cards each month.  For each card that you make for someone on the list you will be entered in a drawing for that month’s store gift card.  If you only have time to make 5 cards that month that is fine you will just only get 5 cards back.  All cards will be swapped through the shop so that we can be sure that those who are making the cards are the ones getting cards back.  (also we will be swapping for the amount of effort put into the card).  So there is no pressure.  If you don’t have time on month no problem, you just won’t be in the drawing for that month and you won’t get any cards back.  But if the next month you have time to make cards you will be right back in.  Each month there will be  a volunteer theme but you do not have to make a card with that theme just if you want to.