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It’s a hand held, cordless, hot filament cutting tool with interchangeable tips! It includes the 1.5” and 3” V tips. Great for hair accessories, gift baskets, home decorations, weddings, cheer bows, costumes and crafts. It’s precise! It cuts and seals a perfect V on most polyester ribbon and fabric. No guesswork = less stress, more symmetry.

It’s multi-functional! In addition to the V shape, you can turn the tip sideways to make straight cuts, angled cuts, patterns and shapes. It improves on safety! It’s got a double safety ON switch and heat button to activate it. Also eliminates the dangers of a cord getting snagged on heated “constant on” tools. It’s FAST! It heats up in 3 second and cools in about the same. It’s ready to use when you need it.


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